Donald Browning Holdings LLC


After beginning his career as a commodity buyer through the Chicago Board of Trade, our founder quickly found himself moving through the ranks of one of the largest oil companies in North America.  His positions at the Sun Oil Company brought him in contact with some of the most influential people and some of the most leading edge technology available to any industry.  This valuable combination secured him a position as Director of IT for a mid-sized oil refinery in Southern Illinois.  Working with the Castle Energy Corporation (Radnor, PA) and Metallgesellschaft A.G. (Frankfurt, Germany), Donald Browning spearheaded and managed refinery modernization projects exceeding $100M annually.

With a significant emphasis on Disaster Planning and Business Contingency Planning, Donald Browning helped to organize refinery safety training, OSHA compliance reviews and Disaster Recovery Testing procedures for both Sun Refining & Marketing (Toledo, OH) and Indian Refining (Lawrenceville, IL).  His experience as a corporate officer gave him an in-depth understanding of the relationship between functional requirements, technical solutions and the people who bring it together.

After controlling interests of the southern Illinois refinery were acquired by MG Refining and Marketing Inc. in 1992, Donald Browning left the refinery and formed Cypress Information Systems in order to provide information technology and business consulting services for Fortune 500 companies along with State and Federal governments. 



After providing professional consulting services for nearly 10 years, Cypress Information Systems had expanded into Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida with a growing customer base throughout the Midwest and East Coast.  This rapid expansion along with an ever-increasing range of services led to a company reorganization in 2002 forming the Panthera family of companies.

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